Jason Gamble Harter CInematographer



Jason like to shoot. He also likes to travel. Sometimes Jason likes to do both at the same time. 

Jason Gamble Harter was born and raised in Austin, TX where he attended the University of Texas. Graduating in 2009 from the Radio-Television-Film program with a focus on cinematography, Jason entered the film industry and began working on a variety of high-level productions like international commercials, major network television shows, and large and indie level feature films.

As a freelance cinematographer, Jason works on a diverse collection of projects including commercials, narratives, documentaries, shorts, and music videos. His work has been featured on networks like NBC, MTV, Discovery Channel, the Home Shopping Network; the front pages of content aggregators like Yahoo, Reddit, YouTube, Funnyordie, Roosterteeth; in film festivals like L.A. Shorts Fest, New York Television Festival, South-by-Southwest film festival, and Austin Film Festival. 

With a profound knowledge of the technical aspects of cinematography, Jason seeks to work on a variety of projects, that will face him with new challenges and unique opportunities to create images.